Hi! I'm Eric Magalhães

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Cloud Specialist, AWS Certified Professional, DevOps Evangelist, Speaker, Beer Lover, Traveller, Photo Enthusiast, Frustrated Musician.

I have a strong background as a Systems Engineer for both Windows and Linux systems with some limited experiences with Software Development along the years.

I'm lazy by nature and passionate about automation and anything that can make my job painless, therefore getting interested in topics like coding, configuration management, containers, CI/CD and cloud computing went from a hobby to an obsession.

Currently, I work as a DevOps Evangelist at JobScore, where I'm architecting AWS infrastructures, taking care of infrastructure operations, developing pieces of automation, and helping build and spread the DevOps culture within the company.

Besides my professional life, I like singing and playing my guitar, taking random pictures, traveling, drinking beer, cooking, eating and hanging out with my family and friends.

Learning new things is my first passion, I try to do it every day. With my experience in the past years, I discovered that the best way of learning something is by teaching it thus I love sharing ideas and talk about technology.

I'm currently involved in the organization of meetup groups, and speaking at events and conferences, here are some examples of my work: